This Week in China: IGF opens call for submissions

With GDC only slightly in the rearview mirror (and Lucas Pope’s big IGF with for Paper, Please along with it), it’s time for the Independent Games Festival to look forward. And by forward, we mean Eastward. Namely, China.

Why China? Well, if you take a look at our other news bites from this week, you’ll see that some of those companies can put up some huge numbers – even on the stock market. And if the big guys are doing that well, great indie talent can’t be far behind.

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The 6th Independent Games Festival China begins calling for contributions from independent developers in Asia-Pacific. In order to further showcase and promote independent game development and discover more independent game developers, IGF China will work with Gamasutra, PR newswire as well as domestic and international media to cover the call for contribution, selection of works, the announcement of award-winning games as well as former participants and works. Campaigns for this event will reach 50 or so Asia-Pacific universities. The deadline of the call for contribution is July 25. (


Bloomberg listed the top 10 gaming IPOs on Wednesday. King Digital, the developer of Candy Crush Saga which listed this week on NYSE, ranked fifth. Four Chinese companies – Shanda, Giant, Forgame and Perfect World – were also on the board, a not surprising development given the stunning number (338m, topping US population) of Chinese online gamers in 2013. (


Tencent this week announced a $500m (530b Korean won) purchase of 28% stake in CJ Games, becoming the third largest shareholder in the South Korean company. CJ Games, a PC and mobile game developer and publisher, was launched by Korean internet giant CJE&M in November 2011 as a subsidiary. (

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