This new trailer details Disney Infinity’s Toy Box mode

When Disney announced Disney Infinity, they did a pretty good job of hyping up the potential of Toy Box mode, the portion of the game that lets players create their own worlds and activities using assets from various Disney and Pixar films. As exciting as it sounded, there wasn’t much in the way of details or specific examples of just how crazy people could get with it. Today, that all changes.

Disney has released a two-minute trailer that showcases Toy Box mode in action. There are examples of makeshift worlds constructed of various Disney environments and icons – the balloon-festooned house from Up floating over a Nightmare Before Christmas backdrop being one such example – as well as a variety of different games and activities. At one point we see Sulley from Monsters Inc. and Jessie from Toy Story playing baseball; at another we see Wreck-It Ralph hopping on platforms and dodging hammers. There’s plenty more than that, but I’d rather not spoil it all:

What does everyone think? So long as the creation tools are user-friendly enough, it seems like the world of Disney Infinity is our virtual oyster. I suppose we’ll know for sure when the game ships in August.

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