This Mobile Puzzle Game Will Actually Improve Your Math Skills


It’s rare that a game manages to be both fun and educationally worthwhile, but Factor Find manages it. It is then equally rare to come across a completely novel gameplay concept, so this is a good day all round.

Factor Find looks a bit like a wordsearch, but with numbers instead of letters. Along the bottom of the screen are various totals that you need to make by combining the factors in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines.

For example, one of the numbers might be 35, in which case you need to hunt for a 7 and a 5 next to each other (as 7 times 5 equals 35). Of course, that’s pretty much the simplest product you’ll encounter in Factor Find.

There are four difficulty levels, ranging from Easy to Expert – meaning there’s something here to suit every player. Easy mode won’t require you to find any number larger than 81 for example, so it’s perfect for developing your arithmetic skills.

Numbers in Expert mode can get up to seven digits long in comparison, and are a huge challenge to find – even if you’re a math expert! Factor Find becomes much more interesting at this skill level because logic and strategy is required, instead of just simple arithmetic.

If you see the number 10,935 for example, it would take forever to divide that number up – even with a calculator to hand. But, if you remember your divisibility rules from school, you can just look at that number and see that it will have a 5 and no 2s.

If you add the digits, this will also tell you that it has some 3s and 9s – but no 7s. You haven’t done any multiplication or division, but can already find the number by looking for a line that contains a 5, some 3s/9s, and nothing else.

If you get good at exploiting this strategy and some of the other tricks Factor Find has up its sleeve, you can then start climbing the  game’s leaderboards.

There’s a whole heap of achievements and challenges to win, along with leaderboards broken down into several categories, from fastest time at each difficulty level to largest find.

If you want to radically enhance your neural hardware while having fun and competing with players from all around the globe at the same time, Factor Find is for you.

So what’s stopping you from downloading Factor Find right now – it’s available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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