These Triple Town plushies are watching you sleep

Some may try to deny it, but there’s a wonderful joy that comes with hugging a soft stuffed animal. And when said animal is based on a character from a game you enjoy? Well, that’s just the icing on an already awesome cake. If what I’m saying here is clicking with you at all, and you happen to be a fan of Triple Town, this is your lucky day. Triple Town bear plushies are available in developer Spry Fox’s shop, and they’re the very definition of adorable.

Be warned, however, that adorable does not equal friendly. As players of the game are painfully aware of, these bears are kind of evil. In fact, their sole purpose in life is to throw a wrench in your plans to build a bustling virtual town. Not all that different from real bears, I guess!


But it’s probably unfair to hold all that against these plushies. They lack sentience (far as I can tell), and as such have no intention of laying waste to our towns. In fact, if they could talk, I imagine they’d have little to say beyond “cuddle me!” And cuddle them I shall, because I’ve given up any hopes of ever being perceived as manly.

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