The Zynga Story in 10,000 words or more

Dean Takahashi of Venturebeat has written what amounts to a book about the growth story that is Zynga. Seriously, it’s 12 web pages long and my guess is that they’ll turn it into a for-pay e-book once Zynga goes public this week. In the meantime, read it for free here.

In other Zynga news, the company is planning to go public in what could be the biggest game company IPO ever. As luck would have it, or as game launch strategy and a huge marketing campaign would happen, the top 5 games on Facebook are Zynga games this week, driven by the new release of CastleVille and renewed popularity of Word with Friends.

And someone at Zynga needs to send a gift to Alec Baldwin for giving them and Word with Friends the greatest public relations gift alive on the week of going public. Here’s the SNL skit if you’re curious.

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