The Witness gets a trailer, and it’s glorious

While there are a lot of games on our radar at Gamezebo, few manage to jump to the tip of our tongues quite as frequently as Jonathan Blow’s The Witness.  A playable island filled with puzzles, the game looks to be a fresh take on Myst for the 21st century, or something like The Room to the power of 1000.

Having said that, the game has also been shrouded in just enough mystery to keep us guessing.  Tonight, developer Blow gave gamers their first taste of The Witness in action, debuting a trailer at Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal event in New York City.

Since no platform had really been committed to as of yet, we sort of got a lump in our throats. Panic quickly set in; “will we need Sony’s latest living room device to finally get visit the island?”  Thankfully the trailer that debuted hit the web on Blow’s own YouTube account, confirming that the game will also be playable on PC, iOS “and eventually several other platforms.”

So, puzzle fanatics who’ve been waiting for this one with bated breath – what do you think?

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