The Pygmies are coming back next week in Pocket God: Ooga Jump

Everyone’s favorite tribal inhabitants known as the Pygmies are coming back next week in a brand new arcade spin-off game of sorts, and it seems like they’re bringing their questionable love of dangerous things along with them! Developed from Bolt Creative, the same studio that brought us the insanely popular Pocket God, the upcoming Pocket God: Ooga Jump will be a vertical jumping game that is set to take the Pygmies all the way to the highest jungle treetops.

In the game, players will use their device’s tilt-based controls to help their Pygmy character pull off a number of massive jumps, in order for the little guys to bounce higher and higher and collect as many gems and items as possible! But of course, as we’ve already learned from our time spent with Pocket God, the world can be a particularly dangerous place for the Pygmies; and as such, they’ll have to avoid a number of hazardous obstacles and hostile island animals if they ever want to make it back down to land in one piece.

And those specific hazards and hostiles will come aplenty: from fiery falling meteors, to hungry spiders, to rabid monkeys hell-bent on catching the Pygmies and using their skin as some horrible flesh-based monkey masks, our fearless little heroes are going to need all of the help they can get! Pocket God: Ooga Jump will be released for iOS devices on October 31, 2013 for $0.99, and in the meantime, you can check out the debut trailer of the bouncing Pygmies in action right within this article.

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