The Price is Right and MTV’s I WOO YOU released on Facebook in big day for TV inspired social game shows

Big day for TV game shows on Facebook. Ludia has officially released the beta version of The Price is Right and they are advertising it online as we speak. MTV and Stone Creek Entertainment releases I WOO YOU, a new game on Facebook in promotion of MTV’s “The Real World.”

Here are the details:

The Price is Right

Ever since Ludia gave us a preview of the Facebook version of the popular TV show earlier this year, we’ve been anxiously awaiting it’s launch. The Price of Right on Facebook features such mini games as Plinko, Cliff Hanger and The Big Wheel, weekly tournaments and live multiplayer game play.

Just as interesting, the game will be co-promoted with the TV show and players will have the opportunity to win free trips to Los Angeles to watch live taping of the actual show. With the huge success of Family Feud, this could be the next big game on Facebook to hit it big.

Click here to play The Price is Right and set an alert to be notified as we cover the game.


I WOO YOU is a game-show style dating game where players select characters to date and then ask select question categories. The player asks their date questions, the “date” asks the player date questions, and then the WOO YOU METER determines if you are a good match.

It’s an interesting concept, but it’d be far more interesting they took this game mechanic and allowed you to test your compatibility with actual people instead of avatar characters (which is a bit weird, now that I think of it).

Click here to play I WOO YOU and set an alert to be notified as we cover the game.

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