The Linguist Is a Word Puzzler that Combines Anagrams with “Zen” Gardening

By Glenn Wilson |


Word games are enjoying a resurgence lately, thanks to an unassuming little game called Wordle (and its many imitators). 

We enjoy our daily brush with Wordle as much as anybody else, but there are serious limitations to Josh Wardle’s breakout hit. For one thing, you can only play it once a day. For another, there’s only one mode.

That’s why we’re very ready for The Linguist, a soothing new word puzzler from developer Player1Games.

One of the things we like about The Linguist is the way it doesn’t dumb itself down. Just look at the App Store description, which asks whether your word game is “the pinnacle of perspicacity”. 

If so, it goes on, the game offers a “cornucopia of verbosity”, as well as “cryptic conundrums to illuminate and revive your most somniferous synapses”. 

When you need a dictionary to get through the blurb, you know you’re in good hands. 

Meditate upon the Answer

But The Linguist isn’t all about the challenge. Player1Games is just as concerned with your emotional wellbeing as it is with your mental acuity, which is why the developer has included a zen garden to cultivate as you make your way through the game. 

In terms of gameplay, The Linguist offers you a choice of puzzle types to go at, including Crossword and Fill In. 

Fans of Wordscapes will recognise the format of the crossword sections. These aren’t the sort of cryptic headscratchers that can ruin your day, but anagram-based challenges where the aim is to patiently root out all the possible combinations of letters. 

Likewise, Fill In is all about unscrambling letters to fill boxes, ensuring that you’ll get a gentle linguistic test without pulling a mental muscle. 

There are hundreds of stages to complete, as well as daily challenges to complete, rewards to earn, and a garden to grow. 

All of this is wrapped up in gorgeous, soothing, zen-like presentation, complete with “chill-ass” music. 

You can download The Linguist for free right now on the App Store.

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