Channel Your Inner Doctor Strange In 2D Platformer, The Last Medic

Save Earth with precision platforming! Explore 18 planets, and dash through challenges. The Last Medic is out now on Steam.

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Calling all spacefaring medics, Earth has taken a major hit from an asteroid! Thankfully humanity still has a fighting chance thanks to you, the galaxy’s last remaining medical professional. Strap on your jetpack, grab your healing tools and embark on a planet-hopping odyssey in The Last Medic, a brand new 2D precision platformer that launched on Steam this past January 15th.

Earth’s Toast, You’re The Doc

This fast-paced adventure throws you into the role of the lone survivor, tasked with restoring hope against impossible odds. Your trusty space suit boasts a versatile arsenal: leap across treacherous chasms with double jumps, blast through obstacles with your jetpack, and zip past danger with a handy dash booster. But your most invaluable tool is your healing device, offering a glimmer of salvation to the scattered remnants of civilization. What’s more, the story of The Last Medic is entirely environmental. You don’t have to spam-click your way through dialogue to understand what’s happening.

The Last Medic isn’t just about navigating perilous platforms; it’s about exploration and discovery. You have 18 unique planets offering over 200 levels, each boasting distinct visuals and sound beats. This is a galaxy waiting for exploration and adventure. Secret levels and hidden Easter eggs are sprinkled across the cosmos, rewarding diligent spacefarers with extra challenge and a dash of quirky humour. And did we mention the original soundtrack? With a fresh tune for every corner of the galaxy, The Last Medic is a feast for both eyes and ears. 

Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon

So, strap on your metaphorical stethoscope, fire up your thrusters, and prepare for a wild ride. The Last Medic is a thrilling blend of precision platforming, cosmic exploration, and a healthy dose of post-apocalyptic charm. With its intuitive controls, stunning pixel visuals, and endless secrets to uncover, this spacefaring adventure is sure to have you blasting off for hours on end.

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