The Humble Mobile Bundle 3 goes live, brings Ridiculous Fishing to Android

The Humble Mobile Bundle 3 has officially gone live today, and not only does the latest offering bring with it another great selection of indie games like usual, but this time it also has a few exciting platform debuts for dedicated Android users as well. Most notably, gamers will now be able to play Ridiculous Fishing and Swordigo on their Android device for the very first time.

Gamers can pay whatever they want for The Humble Mobile Bundle 3 to receive EPOCH, rymdkapsel, SpellTower, and Swordigo; all while helping out the developers and doing some good for the Child’s Play Charity. But if they want to pay more than the average (which is a mere $4.23 at the time of this writing), then they’ll also be able to snag both Ridiculous Fishing and Kingdom Rush: and take it from us, those two games are pretty ridiculously amazing.


You can pick up The Humble Mobile Bundle 3 for Android right now by heading on over to the Humble Bundle website, and don’t forget to keep checking back on that page, as additional games are already promised to be added to the deal before the bundle reaches its end date in just under two weeks from now.

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