The Game is Afoot, Mr. Bump Bumper Cars, and more! Free iPhone Games for January 12, 2011

Free games are all around us, but they may not be as easy to find as you’d think. We help you sort through the App Store to find the latest price drops and limited time offers so that you won’t have to spend a penny. Today’s free games include a hidden object game with Sherlock Holmes, a visit to the world of Mr Men, a UFO rescue mission, and more!

Free iPhone Games is a new feature on Gamezebo. Be sure to check back every day to discover the latest and greatest games that have just gone free on the App Store!

  • The Game is Afoot – looking for a portable hidden object game? It doesn’t take the world’s greatest detective to know you should snag this Sherlock Holmes themed portable HOG while it’s free.
  • Mr. Bump Bumper Cars – Join the Mr Men family in this multiplayer bumper car experience that’s perfect for kids.
  • Runaway UFO – Dodge and weave through waves of bullets as you try to rescue alien refugees.
  • Ancient Life CA – This unique puzzler has players playing with an Ancient Egyptian understanding of cellular automata.

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