The Dark World Spec Op event comes to Marvel: Avengers Alliance

More superhero fun has just been added to the world of Marvel: Avengers Alliance with the release of Spec Op 14: The Dark World. In this latest special event for the popular Marvel game, players will use their squad of fighters to assist Thor in a valiant battle against the forces of Malekith. And as usual, new characters, new tasks, and of course, new rewards will all be in store for those who are brave enough to stare down the faces of evil.

The Dark World Spec Op event is set to challenge Marvel: Avengers Alliance fans with 25 brand new in-game tasks, and players who manage to complete them all will earn the coveted Heimdall for their character roster. In addition, players can also acquire new Mischievous Lockboxes and partake in an epic boss fight against Kurse Group. Unlocking the lockboxes gives players the chance to earn a rare comic cover, and collecting all eight of them will net you the extremely rare Loki.


But wait, that’s not even all yet! Marvel: Avengers Alliance players will also have the opportunity to purchase the exclusive Son of Odin’s “Mighty Thor” costume for a limited time, up until The Dark World Spec Op event comes to a close.

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