The BowBlade brings realistic archery to iOS

There are a lot of crazy smartphone accessories out there, but the BowBlade just might be the craziest. It’s a full-size hunting bow you can use with your iPhone or iPod Touch, and it’s just about the most gloriously unwieldy thing you’ve ever seen.

Spotted at Macworld 2013 by TouchArcade, the BowBlade works in (mostly) the same way a regular bow does. You pull back and aim as you normally would, only there’s a spot on the front where you place your iPod Touch or iPhone. Once the bow is extended, in lieu of there being an actual arrow, a small piece near the front taps on the screen of your iDevice. Aiming is handled via accelerometer.

The BowBlade is being marketed as both an exercise device (pulling a bow all the way back is no easy feat), and a gaming peripheral. At the moment it’s compatible with 35 games and, ostensibly, that number will increase in the future. We’ll probably have a better idea about that closer to when it releases in April for $185.

Anyone out there have a strong opinion on the BowBlade? Do you think it’s amazing? Downright insane? Both of these things? Let us know in the comments!

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