The Banner Saga gets a release date and new trailer

By Joe Jasko |

The Banner Saga from Stoic Games has been high on our radar here at Gamezebo ever since we first caught wind of the Viking-themed turn-based strategy game way back in the beginning of 2012, so to have a release date finally set in place is more than a little exciting. Today we can officially confirm that The Banner Saga will be available on January 14, 2014. Players can also pre-order the game on Steam starting sometime in the next month or so, to make sure they’re all prepared for the big day.

To commemorate this news, Stoic Games has also unleashed a brand new announcement trailer, which shows off those fluid 2D visuals and animations that we’ve all been drooling over for the past few years now. The new announcement trailer also reminds players that the gods are dead, that they must face their foes alone, and that they might not even survive their harrowing journey. Vikings man, I’ll tell ya: pretty intense dudes right there.

But seriously, how awesome does this game look? January can’t come soon enough! And if you need something to help you pass the time until those first few snowflakes start to fall, then feel free to peruse Gamezebo’s vast array of literature on The Banner Saga, including our initial game preview, and two in-depth interviews with the folks at Stoic Games.

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