Tetris-branded Jenga and Bop It arriving later this year

 The problem with Jenga and Bop It, as anyone will tell you, is that they’re sorely lacking in Tetrominoes. It’s a tragedy we’ve all felt the effects of, and one that’s led to countless subpar family nights. But just when it seemed there was no hope in sight, Hasbro and The Tetris Company went and announced Tetris Jenga and Tetris Bop It, both of which will be releasing later this year.

While this may sound like a lazy attempt to push a few board games with the venerable Tetris brand, the inclusion of Tetrominoes will actually change up both games in some pretty interesting ways. In the case of Jenga, all pieces will be modeled after Tetris shapes. I don’t think I need to say how much harder this will make the game.

Tetris Bop It, on the other hand, will challenge players to match Tetromino-shaped lights over the course of several  levels. Again, I have no faith in this being an easy feat, especially when you consider how notoriously fickle the straight block is. Seriously, where is that guy when you need to clear some lines?

Both games are expected to launch in August of this year.  If you’re anxious for some real-life Tetris action, though, I recommend picking up that old Tetris board game Milton Bradley released in 1989.*

*I don’t actually recommend this

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