Temple Run partners with W3i for Android monetization

You’re probably familiar with Imangi Studios. Heck, you’re likely old friends by now. Imangi developed Temple Run, the endless runner game that caught on with mainstream audiences to the tune of 40 million downloads on iOS alone. And with great success comes great partnerships. Imangi is teaming up with W3i to offer Android players a chance to earn Temple Run coins with partner offers.

The partnership, which will endure for two years, pays out Temple Run’s premium currency by letting players choose from the W3i Monetization Platform’s best offers. W3i monetizes games by supplying exchange technology that collects offers from networks around the globe, then puts the highest-yielding offers in top position. Some apps using the W3i Monetization Program have seen earnings from average revenue per daily active users (ARPDAU) increase dramatically.

“We believe that the W3i Monetization Platform’s exchange technology is the right approach to help us maximize our earnings on Android,” stated Natalia Luckyanova, founder of Imagni. “W3i takes the time to understand our goals and deliver the results we need.  We are excited to take our partnership with W3i to the next level”.

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“W3i is all about providing our developer partners a full-service approach,” added Rob Weber, W3i’s co-founder. “Temple Run is arguably the best game on the Android platform, and we want to ensure that the game maximizes its revenue potential and that the advertising complements the gameplay experience.”

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