Temple Run: Oz updated with new content

Disney has just released a new update for Temple Run: Oz, featuring a new location, new obstacles, and a new power-up. Before you ask, the new location is not, in fact, Kansas.

Players will now be able to dash their way through Winkie Country, which is a legitimate part of the Land of Oz. In fact, it’s where the Tin Man is from! Something tells me you won’t be spotting him in the game, but you will be spotting a bunch of Winkie guards on the prowl. Needless to say, you’ll have to avoid them in order to stay alive.

The update also features a new ability called “Head Start,” which allows players to fast travel to wherever they like for 7,500 coins. That, dear friends, is a good deal of coins.


Lastly, a new leaderboard has been added to the game. From now on, whenever you surpass one of your friend’s longest distances, you’ll see their name by the side of the road. Not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but it’s certainly more exciting than just staring at a list of your friends’ scores.

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