Temple Run 2 racks up 20 million downloads in four days

Temple Run 2, the surprise sequel to mobile juggernaut Temple Run, has surpassed 20 million downloads in just four days. The game currently resides at the #1 spot on the Top Free charts, and #2 on Top Grossing. It’s also well on its way to taking over the world.

The sequel features improved graphics from the original, new environments, new powers, new achievements, and more. The core gameplay remains the same, but it’s clear that’s worked more in Temple Run 2‘s favor than against it. The game has already been played 210 million times, and in total has a cumulative amount of 1,775 years of playtime under its belt. And it hasn’t even released on Android yet!

How’s everyone feeling about the sequel? Did you play it once out of curiosity and then go back to the first game? What do you think of all the changes? Let us know in the comments! 

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