Tap Jurassic boasts 1 million installs in first 10 days

Whenever you look at the top grossing list on the App Store, one title always manages to stay in the top 10: Tap Zoo. With social zoo-keeping such a popular trend, it’s somewhat amazing that we haven’t seen any other developers try to take the animal care crown from Tap Zoo developer Pocket Gems – at least not until now.

Proving once and for all that elephants aren’t the biggest animal in the zoo, Gameview Studios’ Tap Jurassic has just surpassed 1 million installs in only 10 days. This freemium social game puts players in control of their own Jurassic park, as they manage concessions and care for more than 40 pre-historic animals (check out our full review to learn more!)

“We are proud to bring our distinctive brand of social mobile games to the prehistoric era,” said Riz Virk, CEO of Gameview Studios. “Anyone who’s ever watched the movie Jurassic Park, or loved dinosaurs as a kid will enjoy Tap Jurassic. We wanted to create a game that would appeal to both kids and adults, so we’re excited to see the user base pick up so quickly.”

In addition to the 1 million installs, Gameview has offered up some other stats worth sharing. The game has logged over 6 million play sessions in the past week, and players are logging in three times a day on average. On a cuter note, almost 3 million dinosaurs were hatched and placed into 2 million habitats. Don’t expect this one to go extinct any time soon.

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