Take that BP! CrowdStar raises money for animals affected by the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

CrowdStarhas partnered with the National Wildlife Federation to raise money to benefit wildlife affected by the BP Oil Spill. Until July 20, CrowdStar will donate 100% of the net proceeds of special limited-edition items within Zoo Paradise, Happy Aquarium, and Happy Pets to the NWF to help the animals affected by the oil spill. You can read the details here.

This follows up all the great charity work Zynga has done selling virtual items for charity in the past, including raising money for fresh water and for Haiti after the earthquake.

Love or hate Facebook games, when was the last time a Downloads games company issued us a press release telling us about the money they have raised for charity. Answer: Never. Time to pick up the charitable slack, download game companies.

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