Symphony of War 2 Officially Announced, But When Will it Come Out?

Dancing Dragon Games announces Symphony of War 2, a sequel to their acclaimed RPG series. A gaming revolution awaits!

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Dancing Dragon Games, the indie studio behind the acclaimed Symphony of War and The Nephilim Saga, has announced that they are working on a sequel to their popular strategy RPG series. Symphony of War 2 may take years to complete, but the developers promise to involve the community more in the process by providing regular updates and feedback.

A New Adventure in Tahnra

The sequel to Symphony of War will take place 120 years after the original game, in a world where the peace introduced by the heroes of the past has been destroyed by a new menace that threatens the Donari Empire. The game will introduce a fresh cast of characters with Marius, the main hero, navigating the political turmoil and personal conflicts of the time. And for those who loved Dancing Dragon Games’ previous titles, you’ll be happy to know that the Skyborne (the mysterious beings who dwell in the clouds) will be making a reappearance.

Tons of New Features!

If we are to believe the announcement, Symphony of War 2 is leveling up big time! The devs are going all-in with newly thought-out class trees by introducing Tier 4 classes and a formidable new meta. Brace yourself for naval warfare – customisable ships used to carry soldiers can now also attack the enemy with mounted guns and bombs. Squads are truly getting a power boost for extra tactical mayhem. Say goodbye to leader-locked units, and hello to Charge and Ambush moves.

Skill trees are also expanding to offer more choices for players and graphics are getting a facelift for a sleek, modern vibe.  And those God Powers from The Nephilim Saga? They’re joining the party earlier. Be ready for a Symphony of War like never before!

Symphony of War 2 will also have additional game modes available, such as a “Conquest Mode”. Expand your territory and influence while competing with other factions and events with your own army!

And talking about announcements, there was another major update recently. In case you missed it, a Prince of Persia remake is coming!

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