Super Spell Heroes landing on mobile August 20th

Super Spell Heroes, the new title from Flaregames, is arriving on mobile later this month. Being created via a partnership with Sviper, it offers up a mixture of real-time PvP duels and simple colour-matching combat.

Why should I care?

That’s fair. But the combination of those elements creates a mildly unique blend, making this a fighting-cum-puzzle title of sorts.

Then there’s the fact that the development team behind the game are far from being inexperienced indie noodlers. Instead they’re all industry veterans having worked at studios from Bigpoint to Goodgame Studios.

Okay but how does Super Spell Heroes work?

Basically the game sees you play as a wizard engaging in fast-paced battles against other wizards. You fight via colour-matching controls – which you can get a taste of in the trailer above.As you’d expect you face foes across a range of levels and locations, with new spells being learnt as you progress.

In any case Super Spell Heroes doesn’t look like a hugely revolutionary title – but at the very worst it seems like it’ll be an accessible fast-paced romp when it launches on August the 20th.

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