Super Kid Cannon is like a vertical Donkey Kong Country

Don’t you ever get tired of all those sidescroller games that, you know, scroll sideways? Me too. And that’s why I’m so pumped to play Super Kid Cannon, a new Donkey Kong-inspired action game that keeps the lighthearted action moving upwards on a vertical plane.

Super Kid Cannon, or SKC for short, is a courageous Red Panda who is on a quest across 30 levels and 5 worlds to rescue his love interest Justine from the evil Snow Leopard Khan. Described as the world’s first “vertical launcher,” Super Kid Cannon will find players launching their little hero out of all kinds of contraptions, from the titular canons and mine carts, to even geysers, bubbles, and spaceships.

One look at the game’s debut launch trailer and you can see the Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. influence in spades. Much like the barrel-blasting mechanic of the Donkey Kong Country games, you’ll be carefully lining up your barrel blast shots to launch SKC upwards through a number of jungle environments with wonderfully illustrated designs. You can also expect to find a quirky cast of characters and lots of other fun obstacles and hazards to overcome along the way.

The free-to-play game will be getting a soft launch in New Zealand this month on Android and iOS, with a worldwide release to follow sometime shortly after.

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