Super Chuckie Egg on mobile gets retro right


The Chuckie Egg franchise made its comeback last year with Chuckie Egg 2017, a graphically slick update that stayed faithful to the original game’s slow, steady, challenging style. It was followed earlier this year by Chuckie Egg Pop!, a free novelty egg-popping app.

Super Chuckie Egg is the latest game in the series from developer Downsideup Games. It takes the basic gameplay of the original — navigating platforms, avoiding ostriches, collecting eggs — and brings it bang up to date with a fast, peppy pace and a more forgiving difficulty curve.

Naturally you play as Harry, an industrious chick who loves collecting eggs. Your nemesis is a mean duck called Bertha, while ostriches patrol most stages. They don’t chase you, but if you happen to get cornered or simply brush against one by mistake you’re toast.

Instead of being dotted around, the eggs line pretty much every platform in Super Chuckie Egg. You race along, collecting them in satisfying lines. The main eggs are gold, but you can also pick up silver eggs and put them towards extra lives, or even skipping a tough stage.

The game’s 36 levels are split into four seasons and five difficulty levels, with snow falling in winter, the sun beating in summer, and so on. The visuals are fantastically evocative.

You can play any stage you like from the outset, and once you’ve filled in all four seasons with completed stages you can try out the titled levels to polish the whole thing off.

Super Chuckie Egg is exactly the kind of retro game we like to see. It contains the charm and character that nostalgics will be looking for, while updating the whole thing so that it’s slick enough to satisfy modern tastes.

Grab Super Chuckie Egg right now on Google Play and the App Store.

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