Sunside Games to release Crow’s Radiance engine as free open-source software

Sunside Games, the studio behind the upcoming iOS title Crow, will be releasing the game’s Radiance engine as open-source software in the near future.

Crow, which we should see sometime later this spring, is an action-adventure game with a feathered protagonist that must hold its own against bigger, badder birds, including owls and other raptors. The game has been garnering a lot of attention for its unique premise, but the stunning graphics have generated a lot of buzz, too.

There’s also been some admiration from the public over the fact that Sunside built the Radiance engine for Crow from the ground-up, so it’s exciting to learn that the code for said engine will soon be available for everyone to dabble with.

“Radiance will be released as free open-source software in the near future after Crow ships,” Sunside told IndieGameMag on Tuesday. “It won’t be GPL or anything copy-left, it will be under a BSD or MIT style license. People will be able to use it however they’d like.

“Sunside will continue to invest in the technology for its future titles and anyone that wants will be able to take advantage of our technology without charge for any project commercial or otherwise.”

Stay tuned to Gamezebo for more information about Crow and the release of the Radiance engine.

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