Sublime Stealth Puzzle Game Third Eye Crime is Now on Steam

By Jim Squires |

Remember that time we fell in love with Third Eye Crime? Of course you do. (And if you don’t, go read our Third Eye Crime review).

If you decided you’d rather wait for the game’s PC release instead of playing it on your iPhone or iPad (and seriously, shame on you for waiting), you can finally pick it up. The game is available for $4.99 on Steam for PC exclusively (sorry Mac and Linux friends).

Whether you pick it up on PC or iOS, you should probably pick it up soon. It’s a really unique twist on stealth games and puzzle games, all wrapped up in a perfect film noir style. If I’m failing to convince you, hopefully a few words from our review might:

A game. There’s always a game. On this particular night, rain spattering against the window so hard you’d think the big man upstairs had a score to settle, it wasn’t just any old game, however. This one, she was something special; the kind of game that grips you in a thrall, turning minutes into hours. The kind of game you know might be trouble, but which coyly beckons you to follow it into the wee hours of the morning. The kind of game where you know better, but say “yes” anyway.

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