Still have Flappy Bird installed? Your phone could be worth big bucks

You might think that everyone who had even the slightest inkling of interest in playing Flappy Bird would already have the game installed on their phones, but if the auctions on eBay today are anything to go by, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

First reported by USA Today, thousands of auctions for phones with the game installed on it have sprung up in the hours since Dong Nguyen removed Flappy Bird from the App Store and Google Play. And here’s a twist you might not be expecting – some of them are actually getting bids.


Or at least it looks that way at first glance.

One auction, for example, has seen 65 bids and has gone up to $90,200 as of this writing… but other auctions, like this one which features the same model iPhone, can’t seem to get a bid with a humble $900 starting point. Inconsistencies like this are running rampant throughout these auctions, which could be something fishy, or… well… it’s eBay.

Most of the devices up for auction are iPhones – probably because the piracy-friendly nature of Android devices means people can keep downloading the game whether it’s on Google Play or not. So if you have a spare iPhone with Flappy Bird installed and need a little extra cash for Valentine’s Day, I wouldn’t count on a guaranteed sale, but why not give it a shot?

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