Stickman Ski Is Djinnworks’s Latest Physics-based Casual Game For Mobile


As far as classic characters go, they don’t come much more classic than the ubiquitous stickman. Used everywhere from toilet doors to internet cartoons, the stickman has been part of our culture since we were hunting mammoths.

Developer Djinnworks has made a name for itself on mobile by thrusting the stick man into a diverse collection of casual games. There’s been Stickman Base Jump, Stickman Hockey, and Sticklings, to name just three of the 40 odd titles available.

And now we’ve got Stickman Ski. If anything, we’re surprised that it’s taken so long for Stickman Ski to appear, given how perfectly suited the format is to the ski game genre, but it’s here now and it looks like a corker.

The aim is to steer your little stick man safely down a series of imaginatively designed, infuriatingly tricky slopes.

To make matters more complicated, these slopes are littered with boulders, see-saws, jumps, snow cannons, avalanches, and other features, most of which can be instrumental in either magnificent stunts or horrific wipeouts. From time to time there are even alternative paths to take.

Interestingly, the controls are a mix a touch and tilt. You accelerate by holding down on the right of the screen and brake by holding the left. To jump you swipe up with your finger, and to adjust your position during a jump you tilt your device left and right.

These controls give you a surprising amount of control over your sliding stick man, and you’ll need it as you advance through the increasingly difficult stages, from the gentle Alps all the way up to the treacherous Carpathians.

We think Stickman Ski looks like one of the slickest Stickman games so far, but Djinnworks is always open to suggestions on how it can be improved, so don’t be shy about dropping the studio a line.

Stickman Ski is free to download. Grab it on Google Play or the App Store right now.

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