Stick to the Plan Reimagines The Cool Maths Games Bloxorz Game!

Stick to the plan is a platform puzzler similar to the iconic Bloxorz game except you’re the cutest black dog, Roberto!

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If you were anything like me in high school then you loved sneaking onto Cool Maths Games under the guise it was educational gaming. To an extent this was true. Stick to the Plan is like a reimagined version of Bloxorz which was an iconic game on Cool Maths back in the day. But enough of that website, as Stick to the Plan originally comes from the indie game central,!

Stick With Me! Here Are The Game Details

Stick to the Plan is very cleverly titled. You are the cute little dog, Roberto, who is hauling sticks through puzzles, navigating the platforms, and avoiding obstacles to reach the end. Don’t let your stick knock into the obstacles or fall off the edge, and obviously don’t forget your stick if you plop it down!

Offering much more than the inspiration Bloxorz, Stick to the Plan has a pleasant little story for you to uncover about Roberto. Learn why this old dog seeks the greatest sticks and how his tail (tale… get it?) began. I’ll stop mentioning Bloxorz now but once you check out the game trailer you’ll see what I mean!

Stickin’ Around?

With 5 total locations spanning more than 60 levels, there is plenty of brain-teasing fun to be had. The game is relatively simple in theory, pick up, rotate, and navigate. But with cleverly designed platforms enriched with the environmental OST, Stick to the Plan isn’t as simple as it seems! Can you strategize and help Roberto?

You can pick up Stick to the Plan over on for $9.50. However, if you check out the game on Steam you can save 20%. That’ll get your tail waggin’. If we are barking up the wrong tree with this news maybe you’ll prefer some of our other releases from today? Riff-based Pixel RPG, Fretless, Now Has a Demo Available!

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