Steve Jobs has passed away at 56

Steve Jobs was a visionary. Forget the iPhone for a moment. Forget even the iPod. Steve Jobs was the man who successfully turned the world on to the idea of personal computing. Without his relentless pursuit of what he believed the future could hold, we wouldn’t be anywhere close to living in the world of digital wonders we find ourselves in today. And that relentless pursuit of the future reshaped the way we interact with the world not once, but countless times. How many of us in 1975 could have imagined carrying a thousand songs in our pocket? Or that we’d be able to communicate with people by voice, text, and even video on something about the size of a wallet? The impacts he had on technology, entertainment, and even the gaming industry are larger than we can really put into words.

Apple officials this evening confirmed that Steven Paul Jobs passed away today at the age of 56. Our world is a better place for having known him.

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