Steam announces third batch of Greenlight-approved titles

By Dant Rambo |

Steam’s Greenlight service has had its share of problems, but that hasn’t stopped it from accomplishing its number one goal: helping indies get their games on Steam. Valve announced the third batch of games to make the cut today, along with (for the first time) a handful non-game software.

This is kind of unrelated, but does anyone else consider it a huge missed opportunity on Steam’s behalf that they keep achievements exclusive to games? I’d absolutely love to be rewarded for adding a sepia tone to an image in CameraBag 2. Maybe it’s just me.

In any case, the list of games coming to Steam includes:

There’s a lot of great stuff there, although I can’t imagine why a classic like Dragon’s Lair needed help with getting on Steam. Maybe Gabe Newell has vivid memories of wasting quarter after quarter on the game and never managing to beat it.

And now for the software:

  • Action! Screen Recorder
  • Bandicam: Game Recorder
  • Construct 2
  • Display Fusion
  • HitFilm 2
  • You Need A Budget 4

Being totally honest, the only one I’ve heard of is Bandicam: Game Recorder. I’m pretty excited to figure out what “You Need A Budget 4” is, though. Does anyone know if I need to use 1-3 first in order for it to make sense?

This batch included, 50 titles have made it through the Greenlight gauntlet. If the roundness of that number bothers you, we recommend checking out some of our Greenlight Spotlights and voting on the ones that interest you.

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