Steals & Deals: All Games on Reflexive/Amazon for $9.99

Let the pricing wars truly commence.  Today, Reflexive announced that all games on both Reflexive Arcade and (which bought Reflexive a few months back) will be $9.99 or less.  No clubs.  No sign ups.  Just one set price.

Online storefronts for games compete for customers like you based on three factors:  price, customer service, and content (i.e., exclusives).  It’ll be interesting ot see how this plays out, but one thing is for certain.  With the recession not ending anytime soon, expect prices for casual games to continue to go down, not up.  And Gamezebo will tell you about any price change as we see them in our Steals and Deals section!

Check out Reflexive Arcade and Amazon Game Downloads for all games at $9.99.

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