Star Wars: Imperial Academy blasts its way into Canadian App Store

Seemingly out of nowhere, ngmoco has dropped another freemium title on the Canadian App Store tonight. Don’t expect to be doing too much farming or pet-raising here, though. Star Wars: Imperial Academy is a multiplayer first-person arena shooter that places you in the boots of a blaster-swinging Stormtrooper.

After some hands-on time, it’s become pretty clear that Imperial Academy is little more than ngmoco’s earlier freemium shooter Eliminate Pro with a Corellian coat of paint. That’s not necessarily a bad thing mind you – Eliminate Pro definitely has its fans, and a Star Wars makeover might just be what the experience needs to get it back in the top 10 – just don’t expect wholly original gameplay if you’ve had a chance to dabble in their previous effort.

Star Wars and ngmoco – who’d have seen that coming? Expect this one to hit the App Store internationally as soon as they feel the servers can handle it.



If you live in Canada, pick up a blaster rifle and do your part for the Imperial Army. Click here to enlist today!

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