Stampy The Wizard Blends Old Skool Plasticine Models With Newfangled Smartphone Wizardry


If you’re a parent, you probably appreciate the magical silencing effect that a tablet has on a demanding child. But this miracle can be tinged with guilt, as you worry about the amount of time your kids are spending on the entertainment equivalent of chewing gum.

There’s a simple solution: don’t give them chewing gum. Give them apps like Stampy the Wizard instead.

This charming interactive storybook app is polished, edifying, and hilarious. It’s gorgeous too. Developer Red Chain Games has created the whole thing in plasticine, like a boutique kids’ show on the BBC.

The aim of the game is to help Stampy the Wizard find his wand. Why does Stampy the Wizard need his wand? To zap a bird. Why does Stampy the Wizard want to zap a bird? Because it woke him up.

Yes, Stampy is a fairly unreasonable wizard. Even so, it’s your job to get him up and dressed and then accompany him to various locations in the village where he lives in search of his magical bird-punishing stick.

On the way you’ll complete jigsaws, play spot-the-wand, and prompt Stampy to stamp his feet in anger, with hilariously unfortunate results for the hapless wizard. Each scene is packed with detail too, and you can tap on various background elements to uncover hidden secrets.

Stampy the Wizard is aimed at a wide spectrum of ages, from 3 all the way up to 7. Four years might not sound like much, but there’s a big difference between what a 3-year-old and 7-year-old can do, and that’s presumably why the app comes with three different modes, reflecting three different levels of engagement.

Read to Me sees the narrator taking the lead, reading out the story for your child to enjoy. Read and Play lets your child get stuck in by tapping on the screen to make fun things happen, and Read by Myself, well, lets your child read the story by herself.

If you’re looking for an educational, interactive, and utterly charming app to make the most of your kids’ precious screen time, you should check out Stampy the Wizard now.

You can download it on Google Play and the App Store right now.

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