SQUIDS return in their very own comic book

One thing that stood out about SQUIDS Wild West (and its predecessor SQUIDS) was its characters.  They felt like they were pulled straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon.  Not only did each character have a distinct look and personality, the game’s story was solid too — humorous, well-paced and dramatic, without taking itself too seriously.

News that the world of SQUIDS is to be translated into a comic book should come as welcome news to anyone who liked the games.  Ape Entertainment, which publishes comics for IPs like Kung Fu Panda and Shrek – as well as other mobile IP’s like Pocket God – seems to feel the same way about SQUIDS as I do.  David Hedgecock, Ape Entertainment’s CEO, says, “What attracted us to the Squids property was its gorgeous cartoon art, comical storyline and intriguing characters.  This combination is the perfect setup to expand upon its rich storyline and dive deeper into the backstory for an underwater adventure fans will love to read and explore.”

SQUIDS‘ developer The Game Bakers appear to have the same enthusiasm for Ape Entertainment’s work as Ape has for its.  Game Baker’s CEO Audrey Leprince says, “In terms of graphics and storytelling, the Squids games already have a lot in common with comics, so continuing and expanding the adventure in comic books is a natural step.  Ape Entertainment has a proven track record within the comics industry and we’re excited to partner with them to bring our hungry fans more of the Squids stories they love.”

Get your Apple devices ready for these comics.  They’ll be coming soon to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  And for those who like paper, print versions of the comic will be available too.

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