Square Enix announces new Deus Ex game for mobile devices

Deus Ex lives. Earlier today, Square Enix announced that Eidos Montreal is working on Deus Ex: The Fall, a mobile action-RPG for smartphones and tablets.

Story-wise, Deus Ex: The Fall actually picks up where Random House’s novel Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect left off. It’s 2027 and technology has birthed an age of human augmentation, but there’s dirty work at foot thanks to social divides and global conspiracies. Ben Saxon, an augmented former mercenary with the British SAS, risks his life to get to the bottom of a massive drug conspiracy.

“We’re really excited to continue the DEUS EX series on mobile and start a new journey,” Jean-François Dugas, Executive Game Director at Eidos Montréal, stated on a press release. “The team has done an incredible job creating a whole new story and controls for intuitive touch screen gameplay, whilst staying true to the DEUS EX universe. Players can expect exploration, action, hacking, stealth, social enhancers, player choice and consequence – the full DEUS EX experience.”

Antony Douglas, General Manager of Square Enix Mobile, said that Square Enix is approaching the mobile title with “the same attention as our boxed and digital releases.” The first installment of the series will be available this summer for $6.99. If you’re at E3 this year, you can play it at Square Enix’s booth.

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