Spread some excessive holiday cheer in the latest Tapped Out update

The holidays have to come Springfield this week, with the latest winter-themed title update to The Simpsons: Tapped Out! Players of the popular city-building social game from Electronic Arts can log in today to find that a clerical error has caused it to snow hundreds of gift cards all over the town. And as a result, the amount of holiday cheer has reached an ultimate high (after all, who doesn’t love getting a nice Christmas card or two, or two hundred?).

All in all, the Tapped Out title update will feature all-new characters that come to Springfield and help spread that good old fashioned holiday cheer, not to mention a bunch of new buildings that are fit for the seasons, and of course, a humorous storyline that “explores the true meaning of the holidays,” and is sure to delight both fans of The Simpsons and mobile gamers alike!


The new holiday-themed update is live right now for both iOS and Android versions of The Simpsons: Tapped Out, and is set to run until January 7, 2014. Just make sure you don’t leave any delicious cookies and milk out on your table while you play – something tells me they won’t last very long with Homer hanging around!

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