Splish splash, Om Nom’s taking a bath! Cut the Rope: Experiments “Bath Time” update now live

While Cut the Rope is still near and dear to our hearts, last fall’s release of Where’s My Water? seemingly stole the spotlight from ZeptoLab’s adorable Om Nom in the world of pocket puzzlers. Now Om Nom’s looking to steal it back with a little water fun of his own with “Bath Time,” Cut the Rope: Experiments‘ latest free update.

Adding 25 new levels and a new character, Sleepy Snail, Bath Time adds water physics into Experiments‘ already addictive formula. Now candy will float, and you’ll have to figure out how to use this buoyancy to guide the tasty treats right into Om Nom’s mouth.

In addition to the water physics, the introduction of Sleepy Snail creates its own set of challenges as well. Should your candy come in contact with a snail, they’ll stick to it and add their weight to the delectable treat, sending it careening downwards unless you act fast.

Cut the Rope: Experiments was already a terrific follow-up to a terrific game, and this latest free update only makes it all the better. If you haven’t played Experiments yet, be sure to read our review to find out why it’s well worth your time!

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