SpeedRunners update adds level editor, Steam Workshop support

On Thursday, Tiny Build Games’ SpeedRunners received a substantial update that integrated Steam Workshop support and unlocked a level editor within the game. The announcement post explains that players who participated in beta testing the level editor will be able to instantly upload their locally-stored levels to the Workshop. As of this writing, there are over 70 user-made levels for players to download and check out.

SpeedRunners is a 2D multiplayer platformer where players race one another in an attempt to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. The game is currently in Early Access and available on Steam for $9.99.


To develop SpeedRunners, Tiny Build Games teamed up with DoubleDutch Games, who developed the original SpeedRunner, which can be played on the DoubleDutch Games website for free. Previously, Tiny Build Games developed No Time To Explain, which received a level editor of its own, last year.

Read the announcement post in its entirety on the SpeedRunners’ Steam Community profile.

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