Spaceport 3.0 to plug the gap for mobile Flash developers

Last week, when Adobe announced it was suspending further development on its mobile Flash plug-in, a lot of developers who work in Flash were left hanging. Nature abhors a vacuum, though, whether it’s real or digital, and Sibblingz is already moving in to feel the gap.

The California-based company has announced that the new version of its Spaceport platform will seamlessly replace the need for Adobe’s plug-in. Spaceport 3.0 will be fully-compatible with Adobe’s PC content creation toolset, allowing Flash developers to work in a familiar environment while at the same time creating content that’s usable on iOS, Android, and HTML5.

“As Adobe withdraws its support for mobile Flash, game developers are looking for alternatives to bring Flash-based games to popular smartphone and tablet platforms,” said Michael Cai, an analyst at Research Interpret LLC. “Solutions like Spaceport come at a key time in the evolution of mobile gaming, as developers look to reach new markets across a variety of mobile OS environments and need a solution that works with their current authoring tools.”

In addition to the launch of Spaceport 3.0, Sibblingz have also announced a Spaceport app for iOS and Android that will allow devs to test their games on actual devices prior to launch.

Spaceport 3.0 is free for developers. Interested in learning more? Be sure to visit

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