Space Quest creators join the adventure game renaissance

By Jim Squires |

I have fond memories of Space Quest II. Really fond memories. When my parents bought a Tandy 1000 HX back in ’88 – our first computer – Space Quest II was one of the two games they brought home with it (the other was Thexder). And while my little seven year old self didn’t get very far, I played that game day in and day out. So when the word “Two Guys from Andromeda” showed up in my Google Reader today, you’d better believe my ears perked up.

Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, the creators of Sierra’s seminal Space Quest series, have teamed up to create a new studio based on their old nom de plume. Like Tim Schafer, Jane Jensen, and Al Lowe before them, the newly formed Two Guys From Andromeda have announced their long-awaited return to graphic adventures.

Their first project, tentatively titled Two Guys Spaceventure (though I’m sure that’s destined to change) is promising to incorporate “that same style of comedy, wonder and excellence you expect from a Two Guys adventure.” And while they say they’ll stick with their philosophy of making games they’d want to play, they’re also planning on drawing from the decades of feedback they’ve received on their previous releases. “It’s been interesting to learn what you’ve found fun, funny and/or annoying, and what games you’ve favored,” says a blog post on their new site. “Clearly, not everyone has well rated taste but we can work around that.”

As you can probably guess from the game’s working title, their first project will have the same space vibe they’re known for. It’s a shame that they don’t have the rights to Space Quest (Jane Jensen has a similar problem with Gabriel Knight), but whatever they come up with, it’ll no doubt be worth the wait.

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