Sony drops PlayStation Mobile license fee

With the next generation of consoles kicking off later this year, Sony is doing everything they can to earn the trust and loyalty of developers. First, they made the PS4 an easy console to develop for. Next, they began courting indie developers like crazy and trying to convince them to bring their games to the PS3, Vita and PS4. Finally and most recently, they’ve decided to waive the licensing fees for bringing games to PlayStation Mobile. 

So what does this mean if you’re a developer? Well, you no longer have to pay a $99 fee when releasing your game on PlayStation Mobile-supported devices like the Xperia and HTC One lines, as well as the PS Vita. It may not be a ton of money you’re saving, but anything helps in the world of indie development.

The bright side for consumers, of course, is that we’ll probably be seeing more games released under the PS Mobile umbrella. This is wonderful news, because we really liked some of the games that were published there in the past.

Rest assured, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for awesome new PS Mobile game in the months/years/centuries ahead.

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