Sonic Slug Bricks, Washing Machine Emulator and more! Free iPhone Games for August 9, 2010

Free games are all around us, but they may not be as easy to find as you’d think. We help you sort through the App Store to find the latest price drops and limited time offers so that you won’t have to spend a penny. Today’s free games include a coin-collecting survival gem, a colourful brick-matching game, some leaping sheep and more!

Free iPhone Games is a new feature on Gamezebo. Be sure to check back every day to discover the latest and greatest games that have just gone free on the App Store!

  • Sonic Slug Bricks – Brick-breaking meets the microphone in this Breakout­-clone where you trigger power-ups by speaking a sound into the iPhone’s mic.
  • Washing Machine Emulator – Do you use video games to escape the humdrum of your everyday life? Quit avoiding your responsibilities, slacker! Washing Machine Emulator provides an experience that’s as much fun as doing your actual laundry! Select powders, separate the loads, turn dials and more!
  • Spartan Hero – Step into the fuzzy helmet of a Spartan warrior as he defends himself from an onslaught of attacks with a giant shield.
  • Cartoon Sprint: Added Hurdles – Compete in a stick figure hurdles competition in this simple game of pocket track and field.

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