Solve a murder mystery all businesslike in Mansion Lord

Within Mansion Lord players will have the opportunity to build a mansion, invite wealthy guests over for dinner, hire detectives when those wealthy guests end up murdering one another, and ultimately collect the bounty offered for the arrest of the murder. The developer, Golgom Games, is combining a number of game types into Mansion Lord, and thus players can expect to find tile-based world-building, turn-based RPG encounters, and business simulation mechanics, all within the game.

Players will be able to tailor their mansion in order to draw in more elusive murderers (who are tagged with bigger bounties). Using Mansion Lord’s suspect database system, players can check out the likes and dislikes of a specific killer, and plan accordingly. Once the killer is cornered, the turn-based system comes into play, and strategic planning is necessary in order to capture the criminal. The detectives then earn experience points which can be used to upgrade their skill-sets and equipment.


Mansion Lord is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. With less than a week to go, Golgom Games is just under $7,000 short of their $28,000 goal. Pledging $10 or more gets backers a digital copy of Mansion Lord upon the game’s release. Add on another $5 gets backers early access to the game as well as exclusive backers-only content.

Mansion Lord has already been approved for distribution on Steam, through the Greenlight program. 

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