Solsworn Is a Play-to-Earn NFT Strategy-MMORPG Built on Solana

By Glenn Wilson |

The blockchain has triggered a revolution in the world of videogames, and Solsworn is shaping up to be the next leap forward. 

Pitched as a play-to-earn NFT strategy MMORPG, Solsworn aims to introduce players to a persistent virtual world that they can navigate with their own unique NFT character – either a Solsworn Knight or a Solsworn Orc. 

Unfortunately, all 567 of the Solsworn Knights created for Solsworn have been snatched up. The good news is that you can still grab a Solsworn Orc when this NFT collection is released. 

Gameplay-wise, Solsworn sees you being appointed by the Sol Emperor as protector of the free provinces. That means you’ll need to develop your own province and keep your people safe and prosperous. 

This involves constructing buildings, gathering resources, training your army, and so on. 

Naturally, you’ll come across other players as you go about your business. You can trade with these fellow travellers, establish diplomatic ties, and even forge alliances. Or, if you don’t like the cut of their jib, you can go to war. 

Plus, there are expeditions to take on. These involve venturing out into the unexplored Wild Areas, where you’ll encounter strange creatures and unspeakable riches. You can claim new land, too, settling down and developing additional tiles to consolidate your strength. 

Wild Area NFTs give you access to more valuable resources, as well as giving you a tactical advantage on the world map. The value of these NFTs is dictated by the market, so the potential rewards for playing well are endless.

To bid on a Wild Area NFT you have to put down $SWRN, the game’s custom Solana-backed cryptocurrency. 

Each Knight and Orc in Solsworn is unique too, with its own particular spells, bonuses, and abilities. Fortunately, you can swap champions once a week, allowing you to maximise your progress by using the right champion for the right job. 

Solsworn will be out in Alpha soon. In the meantime, you can get involved with the Metagame on Discord. 

Head to the official Solsworn site to find out more. 

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