Social Game Companies Raise Money for Pakistan Flood Relief

Peanut Labs, RockYou, and Playdom and a dozen other social gaming companies have joined together to raise money for relief efforts for Pakistan flood victims, as reported on Inside Social Games.

Here’s how it works. Users are quizzed on their knowledge of the country’s floods in exchange for virtual currency and at the end of the quiz you can donate money through reputable companies such as The Red Cross and Oxfam. According to Peanut Lab’s Twitter page, they have raised $55,000 so far.

Though not the first time money has been raised for social games (love them or hate them, Zynga is on the forefront of charitable fundraising through social games), it is the first time there has been a coordinated effort among companies.

Also interesting is that users learn about the flood disaster through playing, which is important because there has been scant media coverage around this disaster compared to previous disasters such as Haiti.

Finally, Peanut Labs, the payment company leading this charitable gaming effort, is headed by an executive team from Pakistan. Gaming companies have evolved to be a truly international affair where there are no borders between team development members. As more game companies take on a truly global nature, I think we’ll see a lot more ways where casual and social games are designed to raise money and bring good to the world.

Play the quiz to raise aware money, read more at Inside Social Games, and donate money directly to Unicef for flood relief.

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