so flappy. much dogecoin. wow.

What happens when you mix the latest game clone craze with the hottest Bitcoin alternative payment clone?

It’s time to play . . . Super Doge!

The gameplay is similar to Flappy Bird, which means it’s pretty basic.  The twist is that as you navigate your doge through the pipes, you collect coins, which can be redeemed for dogecoins.  The more coins you collect, the greater your share of dogecoins you can earn per day.

The complicated formula is articulated on the developer’s web site, but to keep it simple, if you were the only player of the game per day, you’d earn all the dogecoins.

Unfortunately for you, the game is getting popular, with 5000 downloads so far according to The Daily Dot.  At this point, Gamezebo is receiving about 25 review requests per day for Flappy Bird clones, but this game is unique in it is apparently not based on a $10 framework.


And, not surprisingly, it’s Android only for now.  The iPhone may get the exclusive on Threes! and every other favorite new app of mine, but Android gets Super Doge.

The developer is currently donating the prize money, but requesting volunteers to pay into the prize pool.  Given how tipsy the Dogecoin community is (as the Jamaican bobsled team can attest), he should be successful building it up.

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