Sniper rifles added in the latest Fortnite update


Another week, another update for Fortnite. This seems a largely unspectacular patch, but there are some additions of note.

Go on, excite me

The most exciting thing in this latest update is the inclusion of the Heavy Sniper Rifle, which packs a real punch – and is obviously incredibly effective from range. Although reloading it takes quite a while.

Available in Epic and Legendary iterations, it turns up in the usual loot locations and vending machines.

Will keep you up all Fortnite

The other major addition is another Limited Time Mode – Soaring 50’s. This is an interesting new take on the existing 50v50 option, and sees more Bounce and Launch Pads added to make sure you stay airborne while using a glider.

You can check out these changes by downloading Fortnite via the App Store now, and owners of Samsung Android phones can download it on the Galaxy App Store too.

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