Sneak Ops offers daily Metal Gear Solid style thrills on mobile


Sneak Ops offer you the chance to complete daily espionage missions – if you choose to accept them – and it’s out now on iOS and Android.

Developed via a partnership between Noodlecake Games and indie team Grimaniacs, it looks to provide an experience that’s the perfect fit for mobile gaming.

Sneaky sneaky sneak sneak

So how does it work? Basically Sneak Ops is very similar in style to Metal Gear Solid on the Game Boy Color, with a top down perspective used for levels that ask you to avoid a variety of traps, guards, and cameras.

The twist is that a new level is generated each day. You have only 24 hours to complete every mission until it resets though, although all stages have multiple checkpoints through which you can save your progress.

This progress is converted into XP that can be used to unlock more characters – of which there are 20 in all. So the more missions you complete – and the faster you finish them – the quicker you’ll get the full suite of sneakers.

Sneak Ops is a mission you’ll accept

Add in its retro styled visuals – which you can check out in the trailer above – and Sneak Ops looks like its a title that’s well worth a punt for espionage enthusiasts.

You can download it via the App Store and Google Play now for free, and you can pay to remove ads if you so wish.

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